Black Hole Gun 01/06/17

The dream starts in a weird avatar like landscape, where there are pieces of land floating above the ground. Some evil spirit is trying to destroy the planet and I stop it with an anti-matter gun (that looks like a ray gun from Call of Duty Zombies). The evil spirit collapses in on itself which in turn creates a black hole.

The Black hole starts to consume the planet slowly. Slow enough that people who are far away from it can run away but people near it are sucked into the center almost immediately. The destruction of the planet is inevitable.

I am hiding in a small house with my girlfriend and a friend, we can see the ground being slowly pulled towards the black hole. I try to contact people on Facebook messenger but the screen on my phone keeps fuzzing with the static that you would get on an old Television with bad signal. We run out of the house, the sky above us is an apocalyptic grey and orange, like its on fire.

We run to a converted barn house. The planet has an hour or so left. The black hole takes colour away, so my vision is now in black and white. I message my ex on Facebook and apologize (I have no idea why).

The house starts to fall apart and I am left on a floating piece of land. Things are rushing past me as they are getting sucked into the black hole. I take a load of pain killers and drink cheap whisky and wait for it to all end. Then I woke up.

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