Guerrillas in the woods 05/05/13

The dream started in a massive stately home complex in America. I assumed it was America from the accent of the tall, blonde (and moronic) tour guide who showed me and about 5 other people who I didn’t know, around this “American” building. Behind the building was a lake, and inside was a museum for old sports cars, a bowling complex and of course a McDonalds.

I then find myself driving away from the building in a Land Rover, with fields to right of the road and a forest to the left. I look into the forest to see a wooden platform attached to the top of a tree, in which there are 3 to 4 gorillas who are wearing massive red t-shirts, with pictures of Bananas on them. The view then goes into a third person perspective, where I am no longer driving the car, but Eddie Izzard is.

Eddie drives to a fork in the road and turns left. After driving over what looks like the Irish countryside (for hours?), he stops at a ship container, which has a parachute attached to it. He mutters, ” Ah yes, a care package dropped by the IRA.”

Eddie parks the car, opens up the container to find fishing rods, grappels, scrap metal and other implements. As he is searching around the container, explaining to himself how useful these objects are, there is a sudden bang on the container. I wake up.

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