Warehouse Supergroup 17/04/14

Had a dream last night/ early hours of the morning that I was the guitarist for a band which consisted of Alex James from Blur (on bass), Chris Cornell (vocals) and my drummer. 

We were performing at a gig in this massive, abandoned warehouse. The stage was at the back and there were big doors at the front. The doors reached the roof and were open, letting light into the warehouse. There were a few thousand in the audience. 

We were playing “Hate to say I told you so” by The Hives, when a fan a jumped on stage. A man walked out from the side of the stage, past me and grabbed the fan and threw him into the audience.  When the man walked back past me I saw it was Tom Hardy. He quickly high fived me, whilst I was playing guitar and then stood on the side of the stage. 

The gig ended and the audience quickly dispersed through the big doors. We followed them and then stood outside the big doors and chatted in a group with Hardy. I then woke up.

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