Lizard Humanoid Creature 18/03/17

The dream starts in an office in a hospital. Some people are going through a dark, cobweb filled basement when a Foxxy Cleopatra lookalike finds a body that has bandages over it’s face. They take the body upstairs to the office and stand it upright. A bloody ooze seeped out of the bandages around the face. Foxxy unwrapped the bandages off the head to reveal no face but just a massive mouth with layers of teeth similar to that of a great white’s teeth.

The face then molded itself into Foxxy’s face and body and started to chase her. She ran and jumped out of the window onto the roof of the next building. The replica of Foxxy came up behind, grabbed her by the shoulders and ripped out her throat with its shark teeth.

I ran out of the building into the car park with Crowley (from Supernatural). My girlfriend’s dog was sitting on a high chair, looking at us out of the window of another office, with a concerned look on his face.

The thing morphed into a lizard humanoid creature with a needle tail (kind of like Cell from Dragon Ball Z). It jumped over me and Crowley and stabbed my workmate in the chest and sucked his soul out of him. Crowley grabbed my shoulders and teleported me to a high, medieval tower. He then tried to lure the creature away from me, but the creature was jumping from roof to roof, getting closer towards the tower. Crowley tried to teleport back to me but he got stuck under the roof of the tower. The creature grabbed him and stabbed him in the heart with its needle tail.

It appeared next to me, now in the form of Foxxy. I beheaded the creature with a sword. All of the souls that this monster had collected over the millennia that it existed fly out of its neck. My workmate’s soul walks into the sunset with a Roman soldier’s soul. I rushed over to Crowley’s body to try and revive him. I open the flap of skin to reveal his punctured heart. I put healing water on it but he just lay there, staring vacantly. I then woke up.

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