The gig in Svalbard 17/03/17

The dream started in the Svalbard. I was walking around a snowy industrial estate. I walked out of this area into vast ice flats. It was starting to get dark as it was late afternoon. I came across a clothes shop/tent that looked like it had been taken straight out of an American shopping mall and plonked into the middle of nowhere. I met my drummer and was told we had a gig at this venue with another female fronted band and a few other acts. In order to play the gig I had to buy a tweed jacket from the shop.

The female fronted band was playing and I went to a bathroom to sort my hair. I came back to a hardcore band, which had a male vocalist and a bloke with a really high pitch voice on backing whilst playing guitar. It sounded like he was using helium. The band was performing a sad song so it was really surreal in the chorus. I walked out of the tent and into the snow. I then woke up.

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