Muse’s Frontal Lobotomies 07/08/13

I dreamt I was jamming with the band Muse in Oxfordshire. It was going fine until I had a break and came back to find that they had performed frontal lobotomies on my “friends.” I write “friends” because I had no idea who these people were. Matt Bellamy (lead guitarist/singer) apologized and agreed that he should be branded with a hot poker. Suddenly a team of people gathered (no idea who they were…again) and held him down while one of them branded my initials into his leg. Muse then proceeded to leg it out of my house, get into a shitty ford escort and drive away.

As they were turning around on the traffic islands outside my house to go down the hill, I managed to grab the door and rip it off by opening it and twisting it till the connecting part broke. They then drove away.

The dream then skipped to a sort of Fallout 3 style building, a decaying office building where computers and desks still remained whilst mold and dust gathered around them. The band were jamming here. I blew them up with my rocket launcher called Annabelle, and then looted their bodies.

I then woke up because the cat jumped on me.

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