Mighty Morphin Estate Agents 10/09/16

Dream’t last night that a few friends and I went out into the country to have a look at some land that we planned to buy. I was in a Land Rover with my Drummer. We met the young, male Caucasian estate agent, who was wearing a sky blue suit. The land was quite large. There was a shingled area for parking which overlooked quite a large grassy field. There was a small hill on the right hand side of the parking area, which we walked to the top of.

Once we reached the top we looked down on a pond and what looked like an abandoned research center. The building looked quite modern and was white with maple wood doors and massive windows. However the building was weathered and looked like it hadn’t been used in a few years. The pond looked clean and had a tree in the middle of it.

We walked back down to the car parking area and chatted to the now middle aged, Mexican estate agent, who was wearing an orange suit and red tie. He asked us what our plans were with the land. We responded with the our grand idea to create a theme park, which had loads of random areas to it, one of which was a science area.

He looked nervous for a second and then said that he didn’t agree with what we were doing and thought that the land could be used in a better way. He ran and got into a red Corvette ZO6 and raced off. We followed him in 3 other Corvettes which were coloured green, red and black.

I was then on my street in Preston and I knocked on the door that is a few houses down from where I live. An Old colleague answered the door and let me in. The interior had not been furnished and the there was mail left all over the floor that wasn’t addressed to her.

A middle aged man with a beard came down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. There was a screen door in the kitchen that looked out onto a small garden where a Shitzu was chasing it’s tail. My old colleague then told me she was going to America forever. I asked if she wanted to do an open mic night even though she doesn’t sing or play a musical instrument. She said she was up for it. I then left the house and then woke up.

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