Blazing Goebbels

The dream starts in WW2 Germany. I am walking through a field of a private Military school which is hosting some kind of event, so there are a lot of young adult males walking around with their parents. It’s a summer day and everything looks too perfect, like it would do in a propaganda film. The ferns were shimmering in the bright white sun and a light breeze, the grass was a luscious green and everyone was walking around the field, enjoying themselves. From a distance it seemed nice, but as I walked deeper into the scene, the more fake and plastic it looked.

Then there was gun fire. People dispersed in different directions as individual bodies fell to the floor. Russian soldiers ran through the scene, shooting with single shot rifles as they trudged through the once green grass, which had now become a muddy brown ooze. The sky was grey and the trees had died.

The dream then went to some kind of bungalow by the sea which had a small dock attached to it. I was a soldier, accompanied by two others, we were hiding and looking through a window towards the dock. A boat then arrived and around twenty or so soldiers landed. The bungalow had now become a movie set for a Mel Brooks film. I went around to the side of the house where the cast of comedians were riffing and improvising a scene. The scene included Patrice Oneal, Rich Vos, Anthony Cumia, Jimmy Norton, Opie, Doug Stanhope, Chad Shank, Louis CK, Dave Attell and Pat Cooper, with Mel Brooks sitting in his producer chair, watching and smirking. The scene was a WW2 scene where all of the cast were standing in a gutter against a wall with their hands on their heads facing the German soldiers who were about to shoot them, and they were all taking the piss out of each other and the soldiers.

I was then asked by Mel Brooks to lie in the fetal position, nude. I went back inside the bungalow, locked a door and did so next to a bed. I then woke up.


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