Stand-up Comedy Legend and Zombies 19/07/15

It was the dead of night and me, my friend and Marc Maron were running for our lives down an alley. I’m not sure where but we were in some kind of skyscraper filled city. Puddles splashed beneath our feet as we ran towards a fire escape ladder. We started to climb the ladder up to the roof. Marc looked down and shouted “oh shit, they’re here.”
Beneath us were a crowd of zombies, swarming around the fire escape ladder. These weren’t your “realistically” slow zombies either, they were Dawn of the Dead remake, caffeine/coke fuelled mental bastards, who ran as if their joints weren’t decaying.
We reached the roof, only to find the door to the building was locked. The zombies were climbing up the fire escape. My friend picked up a broom and started frustratingly sweeping them off the ladder as they came up. We then saw some sort of flying pirate ship, which had jet engines attached to it, crash into a skyscraper that was next to our building.
We were then in a cottage somewhere in the British countryside. Marc was standing next to a piano addressing an audience of about 30 people. I was sitting to the left of him with a guitar. He turned to me and shouted “DUDE, PICK A SONG ALREADY.”
I said back, “Fuck it, Gimme Shelter.”
I started playing the intro to Gimme Shelter as Marc started to play the piano. I sang the first verse, Marc sang the second verse and we both sang the choruses.
We were then standing outside the cottage smoking cigarettes. I asked, “What the fuck did we just do?”
Marc, looking into the distance, responded with, “I don’t know man.”
And then I woke up.

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