Pomegranate Allergies and Rockets 29/06/16

I dreamt that I was walking in a Gotham/New York type of city with a few people who I’m guessing were my friends in this dream, they had no real identity. It was night time and I was walking down a street with these “friends” and we were chatting. There were low income New York style flats either side of the road that were about 4 floors high. The street was illuminated by street lights, there was no moon or stars, just pitch black sky. I saw an old friend and ran up and hugged her. She joined us and we kept walking down the road.

We went to an old hospital and sat outside in some sort of smoking area. Rockets were being fired into space from the roof of the building, so we sat and chatted and watched the rockets take off. Bright lights firing into the dark abyss of the sky. The smoking area was also like a waiting area for patients and a lot of injured and sick people were queuing near the door.

Two parents were confronted by a doctor who told them that their child had died from an allergic reaction to pomegranates. I was then walking up the stairs of a block of flats and walked into a room where the same two parents were being told that their baby was dying of an allergic reaction to pomegranates and that there was nothing they could do.

I then found myself walking in a post-apocalyptic world with the same group of people. We were walking through a field towards bridge that had been reclaimed by nature. I then woke up.

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