Izzard Hates Old Nazis 27/11/15

Had a dream last night that I was a Nazi hunter. I worked with about eight soldiers, Eddie Izzard being one of them. We were all dressed in olive green WW2 military gear, with weapons to match.

We stormed a cave that had been carved into a much larger cave. The smaller cave was well lit and quite cosy. It was being used as a house, and had been decorated like a grandparent’s house. We found a frightful old German man, wielding a Luger handgun. He was standing in front of a Nazi flag. Izzard snatched the gun of the man, leaving him with a horrified facial expression.  Two of the soldiers push him to his knees and Izzard shot him in the back of the head.

We were then in a large school. We walked down a large, marble floored hallway towards what appeared to be a massive safe door. A small old man opened it for us. Two soldiers covered the door and the others followed me and Izzard into the massive safe. The door opened and revealed a large empty space with a rusty metal staircase leading down into darkness. Two soldiers started to make the descent when suddenly we called back to the entrance. A soldier had the small old man by the shoulder which was making him panic. Izzard took out a handgun and shot him in the forehead.

We started running away from the safe which led me to my parent’s garden, where some sort of battle royale was taking place. I was on my own so I hid in the long grass with my rifle and watched people fight and shoot each other, occasionally picking off people who got too close. Then I woke up.

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