Elaborate Attempted Murder 30/06/16

The dream started at a family gathering and I took a bite of an apple. I looked at the bite mark on the apple and saw that it was full of needles. I spat out the chunk of apple I had bit into but had a large amount of pain in my stomach, that made me fall to floor. I looked up to see my cousin smiling evilly in my direction. I tried to convince others that she caused this.

It then cut to later and I was in the loft of a converted barn, looking through boxes to prove that my cousin was evil. We were in the midst of a storm. Old leafless tree branches were scraping on the windows as lightning occasionally illuminated the room, making the torch obsolete for a brief second. I then came across a massive wooden trunk. I opened it and found that there was a pile of dried out corpses. Then I woke up.

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