Spanish Robert Shaw 06/05/12

The dream starts on a tropical island, which has Spanish architecture, so a lot of small buildings with flat roofs. I enter a shop and buy food, which was some really mature cheese and stone baked bread. I go to the counter and get served by this man who looks like a Spanish Quint (Robert Shaw in Jaws), and he has a proper Mexican mustache. As he finishes serving me, it appears that I am on a train, so I take my food to my seat and look out the window. Spanish Quint, whose name turns out to be Juan (of course it does), is now driving the train.

The train is like an Indian train, with wooden seats, but has more space and only a few people on board. I can see out either window, to the left of the train is a grass verge and then a cliff, which is followed by a vast stretching pebble beach. To the right of the train is a jungle which has been neatly cut back by about 5 meters, leaving a grass verge which is at an upward gradient. There is also another track to the right of the train. It is midday and the sea is sparkling from the sun’s reflection, at this point I seem relaxed and am enjoying the scenery.

Then an army camouflaged train speeds up next to us on our right and goes just ahead. As the reinforced steel machine of war is ahead, one of the right sided doors to the end carriage opens, and a small platform moves out. A medium height man, who I recognize as a dictator appears, wearing a full uniform and mirrored sunglasses, with a bald head. At this point they start throwing bodies out of the train and decapitating people and letting the bodies drop onto the grass verge. People on the train scream with fear.
I recoil with horror.

Juan (Spanish Robert Shaw) shouts that he will overtake the train. As we do we come bridge, on the other side is a small town where the train stops. Somehow I end up on the bridge, which is just a standard wooden bridge with no railings. The bridge crosses a small piece of river that comes from a massive waterfall, originating from the jungle on the right side of the tracks. The small river grows into a larger river which goes out to sea, so we are slightly inland at this point. On the side of the bridge where the town is, there is a large pool of water; on the other side of this pool is a box that somehow controls something in the bridge (Odd time for the dream not to be specific). Juan crosses this pool via a length of rope which stretches across the water. I try and follow him but fall in. As I fall in he screams at me, saying that there is a large fish in there that will kill me, at this point I am on the rope heading back to where I came from.

He comes back after messing about with the box, and I look down off the bridge to see a raft with some people and my brother in it. Juan jumps off the bridge and swims to the raft. I am about to jump but then the dictator walks towards me. The bridge then explodes and he falls and gets impaled on a length of steel pipe. I fall and land next to the raft and get on it and we head off into the larger river that heads into the sea. Then I woke up.

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