Nuclear Space Hippy Apocalypse 04/05/12

The dream started with a comet is heading to earth, which is the size of a Ford Focus. It is said on the news that it is likely to hit England or the Atlantic Ocean in 6 hours, which in turn would wipe out the East coast of America and the West coast of Ireland, Spain, Portugal and some of the South of England. However the size of the comet is misinterpreted and is triple the size, meaning it will cause triple the amount of damage.

We were told to get into our basements and stay there, but I had a feeling that this was the wrong thing to do. So I started walking towards the Sea, which was a few miles away. On my way I bump into a man who looks like one of the last remaining hippies, who kept saying, “They are making a mistake man.”
I asked why and his reply was, “They are sending up the Nukes, all it’s gonna do is make the thing break into smaller radioactive bombs. They will wipe out the earth man.”
After he says this we hear a screaming sound, not made by a human, more industrial. As we look up into the evening sky, we take witness to the launch of thousands of missiles, heading straight towards the ever growing, glowing ball of fire in the sky. At this point I start running.

As I ran, I could see the coast in front of me, and some sort of door way. As I entered it, it had glass walls, like the walkway you walk onto when entering a plane. It was above the sea until the walk way started to descend into the sea. As I jogged towards the descent, I heard an explosion, as I looked back a white ball of flame, which was the nuclear explosion, started to grow in the atmosphere. At this point I started to sprint down. The doors shut behind me. As I came to the ending of the walk way, I entered a massive room, maybe the size of 4 football stadiums, and inside where thousands of people.

The dream then skipped to a few months after this, and I decided to head back up to the surface. As I walked up the minor gradient I noticed there was no sunlight. When I reached the top I could see through the glass doors a grey skied, desolate waste land, with crumbling building and fires that looked like they had been burning for months. I walked around and found myself in a block of flats, looking down on the destruction. I heard a noise and started running back towards the underwater refuge. As I ran back down the gradient towards the massive room I looked back to see two figures holding what looked to be guns. I turned and ran but I heard gun shots. The glass walls next to me cracked as they were hit by bullets. As I opened the final door and shut it, I saw the glass break, releasing the sea into the hallway…then I woke up.

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