Olivia Wilde and a Mummy 06/01/12

The dream starts off on the road to my old school, I am walking down it alone and I see Olivia Wilde. We talk although I don’t know what we say to each other, it’s just a scene of me talking to her. She then walks off and heads down the road I just came from about a mile in real life until she reaches a house, which looks like it was made in the 60’s. It had white wash walls and a massive glass window at the front of it which started from the floor of the room and went to the ceiling. Olivia throws a chair through it and goes inside; I follow to find that there are lots of antiques and pressure things. We walk up some stairs which takes us to the top floor where we are surrounded by ancient Egyptian artifacts.

In the corner of the room was a fountain of gold coins, which were being hurled into the air and back down into a hole which hurled them, in a fetal position around the hole, was a mummified corpse. I got the impression that you were not supposed to touch the gold coins or something bad will happen.
I went back downstairs and Olivia disappeared. At the back of the building was a large collection of guitars and amplifiers, some friends and a few people who were recognized as friends but had no identity were around playing guitars. We jammed for a bit, until a flash scene appeared showing Olivia taking a coin from the fountain making the corpse come alive and the fountain stop working.
I left the house, what had once been a warm summer afternoon in the farmland of Witney had now turned into a cool evening in a desert. I headed for some mountains in the distance. When I reached the mountains there was a casino there. All of a sudden a news report flashed into my mind saying Syria had waged war on this place and had fired a nuke towards the casino. Conveniently there was a bomb shelter outside the casino, which looked like a wooden shack, I ran to it and got inside. A scene showing a nuke landing on the casino then flashed into view and showed how it just missed the bomb shelter, as it was on the edge of a large crater now.
I then walked off into the desert.

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